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Department of Infectious Diseases, Faculty of Continuing Training in Medicine and Pharmacy (FCTMPh) of Nicolae Testemiţanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy (SUMPh) was founded in July 1991 on the basis of the course of infectious diseases, clinical basis being at the Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases “T.Ciorbă”. Professor, PhD Sava Ţâbuleac was appointed the Head of the Department (1991-1998).

Before that, postuniversity training of physicians was done on the infectious diseases course, which was set up in 1963, Associate Professor Claudia Tişenco was the head of it (1963-1978). In 1998 Associate Professor Victor Pântea (1998-2012) was appointed the Head of the deapartment. During the period of its existence the following persons have contributed to its activity: Sava Ţâbuleac - Associate Professor; Claudia Tişenco - Associate Professor; Rodica Gîlcă - Associate Professor; Vera Jitari - Associate Professor; Alexandru Andriuţă - Associate Professor; Stela Semeniuc - Associate Professor; Valentina Calinos - junior lecturer; Lidia Serbuşco - junior lecturer; Eugenia Gabaret - junior lecturer; Ion Chiriac - junior lecturer; since 2002 - Associate Professor Cebotarescu Valentin, since 2007 - Associate Professor Cojuhari Lilia.

Department of Children’s Infectious Diseases was founded on the basis of the Course of infectious diseases in children and began its activity in 1967. An outstanding person of Moldovan medicine, PhD, Professor Valentina Halitov was its founder. From 1991 to 2010 PhD, Associate Professor Galina Rusu, headed the department. The first staff of the department were: Axenia Galeţchi, Danil Litvinschi, then Galina Rusu (1962), Nina Coţaga (1970), Prascovia Popovici (1972), Stela Semeniuc (1973), Lidia Serbuşca (1986), Ludmila Serbenco (1986), Dmitrie Cristian (1984), Iurie Climaşevschi (1991), Tatiana Alexeev (1998) – all of them being PhD, Nadejda Sencu - junior lecturer (1991); Ludmila Bîrca - junior lecturer (1992), Tatiana Juravliov - junior lecturer (1992), Tatiana Stirbu - junior lecturer (2012).

At the beginning, the Republical Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases “T. Ciorba” was the clinical base of the department, but later, in 1974 Children's Municipal Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases from Chişinău. Thus together with the employees of the hospital, the department forms a republican methodic training centre. Since September 2012, the department has been headed by Associate Professor Gheorghe Plăcintă.